7 Foods That are Deadly to Your Parrots

625175612dc7895136b86902b52f6affWhen parrots were first keep as pets, people thought they only lived a short time. This was in part because most of the soft billed wild birds only live a few years but also because the parrots they kept die within 10 years or so. This was because the diet these parrots were being fed did not supply the necessary nutrients and the birds basically starved to death very, very slowly. Some succumbed to illness but this was in large part due to the fact that they were malnourished and their bodies couldn’t fight the disease.

Today we know that many of the large parrots can live to be over 100 years of age and even budgies and cockatiels can live to be 20 or more. This is because we now know what to feed our parrots and what to avoid letting them eat.

There are lots of good things to feed your parrot, but there are a few things that you might offer that can kill your beloved feathered friend. The reasons may differ but the results are the same: death.

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Why Recycle Food Waste? How You Can Do It?

easThere is an enormous increase in the consumption of foods globally with the rise in human population. This very reason has resulted in the increase of food wastes as well. It was obvious to happen in such situation but the problem does not exists here. The worst case is the way people use to dispose of the waste foods after consumption. It is because of the fact that improper disposal of food’s wastes has led to several problems. Let us find out the reasons to this problem and know how to resolve it.

Many people believe that since garbage are decomposable, you can just put them in the landfill and it will decompose off easily. But they are not aware of the actual result. In reality, they are actually increasing the chances of producing methane gas by disposing on the landfill that leads to contributions to global warming. Methane gas is a by-product of organic decomposition in the landfill and the effectiveness of this gas in producing global warming is 23 times more than the carbon dioxide. Research estimates that about 30% of household garbage is from food waste and about 70 million metric tons of methane gas is emitted worldwide from the garbage annually. So, you can imagine how much it can affect our environment. Therefore, there is a need to recycle the food wastes to reduce the methane gas emissions.

If you can just divert the organic wastes from the landfill, you can significantly reduce the methane emissions, if not eliminate. There are few techniques to recycle food wastes.

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The Many Benefits of Food Composting Systems

973767332Food is one of the basic needs of every living things. Imagine a day without food. It is sure that you will not feel like doing anything. But there are also many people who waste a lot of food. These people do not value food because they get those in abundance. On the other hand, there are many nooks in the world where people are starving to death.

 If you are one among those who waste food but are guilty about it, then here is an easy way out for you. The easiest way is the food composting system. Want to know the advantages of it? Here are they:

  • When you compost food, it tends to conserve the raw materials. This will as a whole come up with new products out of the recycled materials which will lessen the requirement of the consumption of the precious resources. Therefore, recycling helps in saving the raw materials as well as the natural habitat for the days to come.
  • Recycling waste helps in saving a lot of energy. It makes use of recycled materials in the process of manufacturing. And in this process, comparatively lesser energy is needed for coming up with fresh products which are the outcome of the raw materials.
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Hazards of junk foods

healthy_foodJunk foods are very much popular among the people now days. Because of its accessibility, cost and taste, it makes themselves popular. But the hazards of junk food are also very high. Cholesterol, Obesity, Diabetics, High B.P are some of the results caused by the junk foods. Though people do not recognize the cause, they just get addicted to these foods.

One of the reasons for the addiction of junk foods is the busy schedules of parents. When parents find no time to cook food in their house, due to their jobs, naturally children as well as the adults get attracted to these junk foods.

Junk really means “RUBBISH”. And so, are we eating “Rubbish Foods”? Considering the ingredients, mostly every doctor suggests his patients not to eat them, but to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Food truck dedicated for serving Chinese and Mexican delights in Noida

trdNoida has a moving Chinese and Mexican restaurant. It is a food truck that moves from one sector to another and keeps serving delicacies. The truck belongs to Oh Buoy food company. Yo! China, Lets Noodle, Mainland China Restaurant and Baby Dragon Bar And Restaurant are some of the famous outlets for Chinese food in Noida but they aren’t the only outlets that serve Chinese delicacies as every street food outlet serves Chinese.

What is common in these outlets is that they serve similar dishes. With common menus and taste, these restaurants and street food outlets are unable to make much difference to the Chinese food options in Noida. Chinese foodies look for more and their search for more took them to Chinese food truck in Noida.

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